The Entrance Exam for Economic Faculty’s Master Program was taken at Kabul University

Dr. Abdul Rouf Guhary Vice Chancellor of Student’s Affairs has visited the progress of Economics Faculty’s Master Program English Examination at Kabul University. During his visit, he encouraged the participants of the exam and wished them all the best.

Professor Sayed Mohammad Tingar, Dean of Economics Faculty said: ‘’ in this Master Program 1017 candidates both female and male from all provinces registered for this master program, from which 986 candidates succeed to pass the exam and 835 candidates were present in this exam’’. During his visit, Vice Chancellor of Student’s Affairs, mentioned about the accuracy of the process and he added that only 90 candidates with highest score would be accepted out of 835 candidates.

It is mentionable that Economics Faculty, after successes of the examination every year, accepts graduated students from Business Administration, National Economy and the Financial and Bank Departments.