Kabul University’s Auction Process Announcement about Reconstruction of Buildings

Construction and reconstruction of KU Buildings (painting, carpentry, metallurgy and etc) based on MOHE/KU/11/NCB project.

The President of Kabul University and the Ministry of Higher Education invite all qualified candidates to participate in the process of reconstruction issues (painting, carpentry, metallurgy and etc) of KU in 1396. The interested candidates could receive the documents from procurement department of the Kabul University and submit their offers within 21 day to the procurement department Located at Jamal Mynarakht Sakhi, Ali Abad Hospital, District 3 of Kabul City, and the late offers are not acceptable.

The Bank guarantee is (700,000) Afghani and the meeting is planned on Saturday dated Jul/ 26/ 2017 at 10:00  in procurement department of the Kabul University.