Kabul University lecturers and Students!

Kabul University has joined Erasmus Academic Exchange Program, and has signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Santiagode Compostela of Spain for the first step.

In  2017 and 2018, four KU lecturers will be sent for one week tuition, and 2 students to do their bachelor’s degrees to this University.

KU lecturers fulfilling below requirements can officially send their applications until December 30, 2016 to Relations and Cultural Affairs Office via their faculties for participating in this program.

Requirements for lecturers:

  1. Must be KU faculty academic members
  2. Should be a lecturer in the fields mentioned in appendix B.
  3. Must at least have proficiency level of Spanish B1 and English B2.

Requirements for students:

  1. Must be top Junior students
  2. Must have the highest scores
  3. Must be proficient in English
  4. Students having Spanish A2 or B1 are preferred.

Selectable majors are available in the appendix.


Note: applicants will be selected through a transparent process by Kabul University and Santiago University.

Lectureres Form

Students Form