KU Chancellor’s Message on International Students’ Day

November 16 is marked as the international students’ day all over the world. This day was named by the International Committee of Students in London, England in 1941. This day was named for studentsin order to respect students’ social, cultural and educational position as society’s active driving force in all thecountries. 

As chancellor of Kabul University, let me congratulate this glorious day to students all over the world, students of Afghanistan, and especially, Kabul University students, and wish them success in their educational pursuits. 

It is clear that students are, in fact,the symbol of thought and the emblem of educational improvement in a country. Doubtless, improvement in a country depends on the educational system and the quantity and quality of the educated youth because the bigger a society’s cadre of educated professionals, the morelikely it will move toward prosperity and advancement.

Today, only countries equipped with advanced science and technology outdo the rest in political, economic, social, cultural, and industrial areas.

Unfortunately, our beloved country, Afghanistan, did not have the chance to make advances in terms of education because of decades of war and division caused by outside forces. As a result, we are far behind in the area of educational capacity. But, today we need to fully support students who are the future leaders of this country by providing them with excellent opportunities to broaden their educational horizons in the country.

This requires us to start our efforts by improving their living conditions in dormitories, and then try to enhancethe educational system, provide them with opportunities for graduate and post-graduate studies, and increasethe rate of students’ admission in both state and private institutions of higher education. 

Unfortunately, due to political dependency, the small number of student unions in our country do not focus on student’s fundamental problems. Student unions should make a concerted effort to improvethe educational system in the country and take effective steps in eradicating problems in students’ academic lives. 

Today, the culture of forming local, ethnic and provincial unions in higher education institutions has caused irreparable damages. Unfortunately, the presence of such unions has increased the gap among students and highlighted their differences and ethnic problems and rivalries.

Therefore, Kabul University as the first and largest educational institution in Afghanistan, has decided to establish the Students’ Council in Cultural Affairs in the current highly sensitive situation of the country based on the students’ academic interests in order to bring unity among students and help them make strides in their future political and social lives so that our beloved Afghanistan moves in the correct direction of academic prosperity and advancement to finally realize the dream of bringing happiness to every part of the country.

Long live Afghanistan!And May the light of Afghan youth’s educational movement shine forever!

Translated by: Kawsar Aman and Rahmatullah Sultani